Baltimore to Detroit – Summer is Near, Organize to Resist!

Protesters confront police outside Camden Yards, Bmore.

By B.D., First of May Anarchist Alliance – Detroit Local


This is not the time for “peace” marches. This is not the time for “healing” in our communities. This is the time to rise up and fight back. From Baltimore to Ferguson to New York to Detroit to Minneapolis to Seattle, people are fighting back against the police murders of our people.

In Baltimore, a gang of police chased down Freddie Gray, dragged him from his bike, threw him down and broke his neck. Freddie Gray, age 25, went into a coma and died a week later from a broken spinal column. These police acted as mad dogs. And these brutal, insane scenes are repeated again and again across this country.

People of Baltimore are resisting the ongoing police attacks. People have fought back against the police and the authority of the state. The governor and mayor called out the National Guard, and a 10 pm curfew has been in place for nearly a week. The prosecutor has filed some charges against the six police who killed Freddie Gray, but they already are out on bail. We all know how difficult it is to get any kind of conviction against a cop in this country. An 18 year old from Baltimore, charged with breaking out the window of a police car on Monday, remains in jail with bail set at $500,000, while the cops who killed Freddie Gray have bail set at less than half of that amount. The system places a higher value on the window of a cop car then on the life of Freddie Gray. This is not the time to declare “victory.” This is the time to organize the resistance throughout the country.

In the Detroit area, six white Inkster cops drag Floyd Dent from his car after Dent paused instead of stopping at a stop sign on a deserted street. The cops beat Dent, a 57 year old Black man with 37 years as an autoworker, causing a slash to his head and a broken eye socket. One cop hit Dent 16 times in the head while Dent was down and held by another cop in a choke hold. The cops planted drugs in Dent’s car. Later at the station, after Dent’s arrest and with Dent bleeding in his cell, the cops are seen congratulating each other, laughing and pumped up while they clean Floyd Dent’s blood from their uniforms. The six white cops are in the Inkster police department; Inkster is a near suburb of Detroit and a big majority African-American community. What the hell is going on here?

On Monday, a cop task force killed Terrance Kellom in Detroit. Kellom was a 20 year old Detroit man wanted on a robbery charge; he was at his home. This task force which roams the neighborhoods of Detroit to arrest Black men includes cops from the city of Detroit, from Federal cops at ATF and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and others. The cop who killed Kellom, is an ICE agent who had been fired from his job as a Detroit cop a few years ago for domestic violence. The cop shot Terrance Kellom ten times at close range while Kellom was under arrest inside his own home. Kellom’s last act was to reach out his father who was in the home at the time and had opened the door to the cops.

Cops are on a murderous rampage throughout the country. They are killing our people, and they are getting away with it. If a man runs, the cops shoot him in the back in South Carolina or run him down and break his neck in Baltimore. In Detroit and Inkster the cops run in a pack and brutalize and kill with impunity in our communities.

This week in Baltimore, people, led by young people, resisted the police. They fought back, and they are showing the way. Baltimore is not enough, but it is a start. People, again and continuing, are resisting in Ferguson. People in New York are back in the streets. And in Detroit and Inkster, people are beginning to take to the streets to resist.

Resistance is growing, nationwide. Some preachers and mayors and presidents and other apologists for the police, say young people who resist are “thugs and criminals”. We say people who attempt to protect the police by attacking the people who resist the police are showing they are agents of the police and cannot be allowed to control our movement. This is class war; people must choose sides. Those who side with the police are on the side of the class enemy. Working people and poor people, people of color, young people: we are on our own.

Resistance and fighting back are the starting points, but this is not enough. Resistance is spreading from city to city, but we need to coordinate and organize our fight. And we need to be clear. This system of capitalism and brutality and racism and white supremacy uses the police as the front line of their attacks on our communities and their defense of wealth and privilege. We cannot reform this system; we cannot make peace with this system. We cannot heal in this system, because this system is killing us and destroying our communities. We don’t make peace with killers of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown and Terrance Kellom and Ayanna Jones. We resist and organize to overthrow their power and control.

We need to abolish the police and the system they protect and defend. This is a system which concentrates the society’s wealth in the hands of a few dozen billionaires, while the masses of ordinary people struggle to survive and many do not survive. This system uses racism and white supremacy and mass incarceration and police terror to try to keep us in chains. Now we must fight to break those chains; we must fight for our freedom to live and to work and to learn and to love. We must organize to overthrow this system and to expropriate the wealth and privilege and power of the few. We replace this system with ourselves and our communities, organized and working together to share what we have and to produce what we need.

Join us in this fight. Organize to resist. Summer is near.