New Issue of The Utopian: A Journal of Anarchism & Libertarian Socialism

Utopian #13 is now posted on our website,

We’ll start production of the print issue in a few days.


Current Events:

Heroic Ferguson, Black Death, and the Need for Utopia…Christopher Z. Hobson

Defend Ukraine! Fight Russian Imperialism!…Mike Ermler


Mount Saint Rosalie (Three Poems)…Bob McGlynn

Movement (The Pentagon, 1967)…Paul Bernstein

Theory and Debate:

Heretical Thoughts, or Why I Am an Anarchist…Ron Tabor

Anarchism and the Philosophy of Pragmatism…Wayne Price

Review of Ronald Tabor’s The Tyranny of Theory…Peter Rush

There are a couple of related pieces which we’ll post shortly in the “Updates and New Discussion” section of the website.