Detroit Eviction Defense at a Crossroads

Here is M1 Detroit’s Latest strategy
document regarding the eviction defense work we are engaged in:

1. Eviction Defense at a Crossroads April 2013

That is actually the third strategy document that M1 people have put forward publicly within the eviction defense work over the last year in a half. There have been a number of internal discussions  but these documents were our public positions on what was happening  The other two can be found here:

2. Eviction Defense Discussion Document September 2012

3. Thoughts on Organizing and Strategy Eviction Defense April 2012

*The April 2012 piece was submitted to Detroit Eviction Defense by our caucus within it at the time which was called The Committee for a General Strike.  That what we were calling our grouping within the occupy and anti-eviction work and it was within this committee that the bulk of Detroit M1 came together based on political affinity which resulted in several of our joining M1.

It is useful to see how our thinking has developed from a year ago through these three pieces. Each piece is directly talking about what was happening within the work at the time so while you can’t exactly compare them, you can see what has come to the front of our thinking as most important and what now seems less important.