First of May Anarchist Alliance received the following communique.

Fédération anarchiste,
secrétariat aux Relations extérieures


Sunday March 11

On the evening of March 8, 2012, four activists of the Anarchist Federation, along with seven other comrades of Anti-Fascist Action, NPA [Nouveau parti anticapitaliste] and Alternative libertaire were arrested in Paris and placed in custody. They are accused of gang degradation. In fact, their action was a collage of posters to refuse the trivialization of the extreme right and to inform about the holding of “National Conference on Nationality, Citizenship and Identity”, scheduled for Saturday, March 10 in the 12th district or Paris. This supposedly “citizen” event, the second of the kind, openly conveys on behalf of the “Identity Bloc” the most abject xenophobic and racist statements.
In this case, the forces of State repression have made clear what their natural side was; custody has been extended until Saturday, March 10 to 22 hours, imprisonment lasted until Sunday 11 in the afternoon, without any legal basis under bourgeois law.

Rallies organized in support were neutralized by the police with the efficiency we know when it comes to crushing social struggles. Clearly, the State authority has decided to strike hard and send a message of encouragement to fascists of all kinds.

Linked with recent statements made by Minister of the Interior [Police] and the general tone of the electoral campaign, this series of police custodies proves, if proof were needed, that right-wing extremism is an essential cog in the stability of capitalism and the State, and that we will get permanently rid of them only by destroying the economic and political system that grants them its protection.

The Anarchist Federation
• supports the activists who were arrested;
• demands the cessation of proceedings against them;
• denounces an attack against freedom of expression
• denounces the unprecedented measures of custody followed by detention for simply putting up posters.
The Anarchist Federation wishes to thank all those who have expressed immediate support without yielding to police intimidation. Already, solidarity is organized: a subscription has been opened, support can be sent by check to the following address:
145 rue Amelot,
75011 PARIS,
payable to “Publications libertaires”, with the mention “Solidarité 8 mars” on the back. Information on various support initiatives to come will be provided as they come.