Report Back From Chile Uprising (Detroit 11/10/19)

This report of the events in Chile was presented at a fundraiser on 10 November, 2019, organized by Detroit Solidarity and Defense and Chileans now living in southeast Michigan.  From the first demonstration against subway fare increases, the popular uprising gained the support of the Chilean people. The swiftness of events and massive changes in consciousness surprised all the organized groups.  We are reminded of Frantz Fanon’s observations that the necessary psychological revolutionary transformation of people’s understanding of themselves changes through struggle. V., following a recent visit to Chile, discusses how people organized themselves for the struggle as well as how their understanding of their struggle developed.  The social questions of food, pensions, rents became the concern of all; individual concerns moved to a collective set of actions.

Within this, the demand for a new constitution and a popular assembly plays into the hands of the government.  They have already “agreed” to this demand and have set April for a meeting date. This allows the movement to be co-opted.  The energy for revolutionary change is now being channeled into support for a continuation of the capitalist system under a new name.  The current fate of Bolivia shows where this road will lead. There is no democracy within capitalism. They use the words and gut them of meaning.  The people of Chile must continue to organize themselves and take the resources they need for themselves. The working classes of the world must rise up to defend them and to organize themselves as well.  It is international working class revolution that provides a way forward out of neoliberalism and this current world capitalist crisis.  

-Miriam of M1 Michigan Collective