Port au Prince was Burning this Past Weekend

Warning! Graphic Images

Limited media reports on what is going on in Haiti. We are sharing news and pictures being sent to us to let people know what is happening.

Port au Prince was burning this past weekend. Working people and poor people in Haiti have been in the streets against the government and the elites for more than a week. General strikes by workers and small business owners have been effective. Conditions in Haiti have become unbearable. Clean water and basic food supplies and adequate housing have been in short supply for years. The people of Haiti demand an end to corruption and an end to the corrupt government and politicians.

News reports from Haiti have been limited as the government there controls most media. The on the ground reports and photos from people in Port au Prince give a clear idea of the nature of the uprising and the brutal response by the police and government militias.

Port au Prince is burning. People are building barricades and setting fires to block roads and shutdown the country.

Police and government militias, regular and irregular, are shooting at demonstrators, opening fire on people who are on the streets in opposition to the government and the elites.

These photos are horrific and show that police and government militias have attacked the poorest neighborhoods in Port au Prince and murdered, executed many people. Estimates are that police and government militias have murdered nearly 50 people in the neighborhoods and have left the bodies in the streets to attempt to intimidate those involved in the uprising.

The people of Haiti are fighting for their lives against their government, against the elites and politicians and against U.S. imperialism which supports the government and the elites and the corruption.

From the streets and neighborhoods of Port au Prince, to the U.S. border at Tijuana, to the border and the fences of Gaza, people are rising up against the violence and brutality of governments and police and politicians and imperialism. We are solidarity with the international workers of the caravan, with the fighting people of Gaza with the uprising of working people and poor people in Haiti. Against governments, against politicians, against borders and against imperialism. For revolution of the working classes worldwide. For anarchism.


-BD, M1 Michigan Collective



***Warning! Graphic Images Below***