Against the borders.

by K., M1 Minnesota Collective

The national borders that exist today haven’t always existed. They weren’t made by any god or decided democratically by regular people like us. They are imaginary lines imposed on the earth by rich landowners, ethnic cleansers, slave holders and empires. They are there for a reason – but not any reason that makes our families or communities or jobs any safer or more secure.

I know for a fact that the city I grew up in – a city built on stolen land – is a better place, a more interesting place, a more dignified and stronger place because of the thousands of working-class people that have come here from Southeast Asia, Mexico and Central America, East Africa and elsewhere.

We need to be very clear that these vampires like Trump, Bannon, Sessions, and Miller and Nielsen – do not give a damn about regular working-class people  – and the moves they make  are never in our interest. But the moderates and liberals with their “humane” borders, jails, cops and bosses – offer us nothing either. Clinton brought us mass incarceration, Laura Bush’s husband institutionalized war and torture, Obama had an assassination list and set deportation records.

The rich and their political class have no moral authority to rule – through their greed and incompetence they have led us from one set of crimes and disasters to another. Letting their system continue risks a catastrophe for us all. Don’t be a sucker for them, don’t let your friends and families and co-workers be suckers.

Why can’t we take away their power and dismantle their system once and for all? We can redistribute the resources so that all people can have safe and secure homes, healthy food, real education & healthcare, useful and meaningful work, recreation and vacations. Power can be decentralized and in the hands of all kinds of self-managed communities, workplace councils, student unions, and co-operatives – so no new boss can bogart it.

We can start seriously getting our society in sync with nature instead of being a cancer infecting it. We can make room for an explosion of culture developed by free people.

Many languages can flourish (though in Minnesota I’d be for giving a special, honored place to Dakota and Anishinaabe).

Yeah – this can sound impossible – but its been tried before and there are many lessons to learn from the history and present struggles of workers and peasants from around the world.

And is it any more impossible than to keep looking at ourselves in the mirror every morning, knowing we are letting this shit go on?