Militarized Immigration Raid Detains 30-50 in Detroit

Saturday March 18th, 2017

Detroit Michigan

30-50 people were picked up by immigration in a raid on Saturday near Green & Lafayette in Detroit, Michigan. An armored personnel carrier was used as well as a mobile command center we were not able to photograph.  140 officers were involved in the operation and is being presented as the raiding of a chicken fighting investigation. More on that here

The Armored Personnel Carriers on our streets are for intimidation and creating a sense of fear, while being presented as “law and order”. It is unclear if authorities attempting to tie this to chicken fighting is part of a broader attempt to make the raids more acceptable. What is clear is that the extreme show of force (140 officers. wtf)  and militarized equipment give us a sense of what undocumented folks are up against.  We have a responsibility to stand with them against these attacks and attempts to paint this as a crackdown on “criminal activity”.

armored personnel carrier
apc full of officers