Resist the Attacks! Flint & Detroit Fight Back

PDF version here. Resist the Attacks! Flint & Detroit Fight Back by First of May Anarchist Alliance – Detroit Collective Feb 2, 2016 From Flint to Detroit residents, students and teachers are on the frontlines in defending themselves against attacks by the ruling classes, the politicians and their police. It is the people of Flint who have forced the politicians and … [Read more…]

The Charleston SC Massacre & Beyond: anti-fascist notes from an anarchist perspective

The following is a discussion document first drafted in June 2015 and discussed, amended, edited over the course of a couple months, and approved by the First of May Anarchist Alliance in September 2015. We welcome discussion and debate of this document in order to help build  a stronger and more sophisticated revolutionary anti-fascist movement. … [Read more…]