Lansing, Michigan: Can’t Cage Our Humanity Rally in Solidarity with LGBTQ Prisoners

This past Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, members of First of May Anarchist Alliance joined with dozens of others rallying from across Michigan to stand in solidarity with LGTBQ prisoners. The demo was at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Lansing, Michigan. From the organization, Interupt, “Some photos (thx to Alejo) from today’s “Can’t Cage Our … [Read more…]

Fighting the Far Right

by Benjamin, First of May Anarchist Alliance member, Baltimore Sept 30, 2016 “This is the problem that we must solve.  The Democrats and their allies will tell us that defeating Trump is the answer, but it will not defeat the forces that brought us here.  We need to reject the politics of cooptation and failure, … [Read more…]

Resist the Attacks! Flint & Detroit Fight Back

PDF version here. Resist the Attacks! Flint & Detroit Fight Back by First of May Anarchist Alliance – Detroit Collective Feb 2, 2016 From Flint to Detroit residents, students and teachers are on the frontlines in defending themselves against attacks by the ruling classes, the politicians and their police. It is the people of Flint who have forced the politicians and … [Read more…]