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George Zimmerman, the stalker with a loaded gun, killed Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African-American youth who was unarmed and minding his own business.  Trayvon Martin is in his grave; Zimmerman is on trial for the murder.  There will be no justice for Trayvon Martin.

The capitalist media and the attorneys seem to be saying that the only issue at trial is who was screaming for help and if George Zimmerman felt he was facing bodily harm.  The media and the attorneys say that if Zimmerman was crying for help and if Trayvon Martin was hitting him, if Trayvon was on top, then Zimmerman had the right to kill Trayvon Martin because it was self-defense or because Zimmerman was “standing his ground.”  This is total bullshit.

Zimmerman was the stalker, the bully, the attacker, the racial profiler.  Zimmerman in his SUV with his loaded gun and his delusions of being cop in training saw a young African-American man wearing a hoodie and walking through the neighborhood.  Zimmerman in his SUV followed Trayvon Martin and called the police on Trayvon Martin. The police told Zimmerman to stop following the young man.  Zimmerman ignored this, got out of his SUV with his loaded gun and went after Trayvon Martin, shot him and killed him.  Trayvon Martin had been to the corner store and was walking back to the house where he and his father were staying – the home of his father’s fiancé. He was doing nothing wrong and like any of us, had every right to walk through the neighborhood.

Zimmerman stalked, harassed and came after Trayvon Martin for one reason: because Trayvon Martin was a young African-American man. Zimmerman had no right to self-defense or to “stand his ground” because Zimmerman was the stalker coming after Trayvon Martin.  Trayvon Martin was the only person who had the right to self-defense or to “stand his ground”.

If you are sitting in your house watching TV and you see a stranger sizing up your house and then coming into your house, then you have every right to defend yourself against the intruder.  If you hit the intruder in the nose when he’s coming through your door or already in your house, then you have every right.  And, after you pop the intruder in the nose, if the intruder gets up, pulls a gun and shoots and kills you, then it’s murder.  The intruder has no right to self-defense, no right to “stand his ground.”  It’s ridiculous to even consider that the intruder could claim self-defense and get away with murder.

But that’s what happened to Trayvon Martin who was minding his business while walking through the neighborhood.  Zimmerman was the intruder, the stalker, the attacker.

Trayvon Martin called his friend to say some strange white guy was following him, stalking him in his SUV. It was Zimmerman who escalated.  He got out of his van with his loaded gun and went after Trayvon Martin.  If Trayvon Martin defended himself against this attacker, then Trayvon Martin had every right to defend himself.  Trayvon Martin was doing nothing wrong.   When Zimmerman, the stalker and attacker, pulled his loaded gun and shot and killed Trayvon Martin it was murder, clear and simple.

But the media and the attorneys and the courts want you to think this is some difficult problem; they attempt to sow confusion.  They claim that if Trayvon Martin hit Zimmerman, then Zimmerman had every right to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Or Trayvon Martin was on top so Zimmerman had every right to pull out his gun and kill him.   Don’t believe a word of it.  Trayvon Martin had every right to defend himself against the attacker, George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was a bully who stalked and killed Trayvon Martin.  Watch how this all gets turned around so that Zimmerman is the victim and Trayvon Martin the attacker.   A total lie, but “justice” under this system is a total lie. Trayvon Martin is dead; he did nothing wrong; and he will not receive justice.  Justice under this system is reserved for the stalkers and the racial profilers.  It is not for African-American youth who are the victims of stalking and racial profiling.

Now the defense attorneys and the media, again, are trying to focus on whether Trayvon Martin might have smoked weed.  This is has nothing to do with the case. Whether or not it happened, so what? It had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s decision to stalk, attack and murder Trayvon Martin. Make no mistake, even if the jury finds Zimmerman guilty of something, he will go to jail for a while and Trayvon Martin will still be gone.  The racists and the profilers will continue to argue that Zimmerman was right and Trayvon Martin caused his own death.  Trayvon Martin will still be dead.

There is only one way to achieve any justice for Trayvon Martin and the thousands of other young, African-American men and women who have been profiled, attacked or killed because they were walking or driving while Black, and that is to resist, to rise up, and to rebel.

If we want justice for Trayvon Martin and if we want to confront racism, racial profiling and the wholesale attacks on young African-Americans and people of color, then we must bring it. There is no justice for Trayvon Martin under this system. Be prepared. What we have to say, all of us is: Justice is coming and we are all bringing it.

That’s the only way there will be any justice for Trayvon Martin and for our brothers and sisters, friends, children and neighbors! We must organize and enforce it.  We must bring the justice ourselves, in the streets and across this country.