We received the following call to action from our friends of the NYC local of Common Struggle/Lucha Comun (formerly NEFAC). First of May Anarchist Alliance endorses this call.

*The Free Mumia Coalition has informed us that December 9th is going to be the planned Day of Action. First of May will post any new updates we receive.



Supporters of Black revolutionary journalist and Pennsylvania political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal have called for an International Day of Solidarity this coming December 9 as execution has edged back onto the table. The December date marks the 30th year that Mumia has been in prison and last month Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced he was appealing for the second time to the U.S. Supreme Court a lower court decision which threw out Mumia’s death sentence.  December 10th  is also Human Rights Day, commemorating the adoption by the United Nations in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1982 of the killing of a Philadelphia cop in a trial which Amnesty International has condemned as failing to meet even the most minimal standards of fairness.  That’s putting things diplomatically: during the trial the judge promised he would help the prosecution ‘fry the nigger’.  Since then the appeals courts have rendered a long series of bizarre decisions, several times overturning even their own precedents, in order to keep Mumia in prison or on a path to execution.

After one such precedent-trashing decision which upheld Mumia’s conviction by the same court which overturned his sentence, many of his supporters appealed to the U.S. Justice Department and new Attorney General Eric Holder to open an investigation into the widespread and decades-long violations of Mumia’s civil rights.  Not surprisingly Holder sided with the same racist corporate system which has kept Mumia in jail for so long; that is, he did nothing.

However, these same supporters are not giving up.  After all, without the hell-raising that they have done over the decades, Mumia would have been long ago dead.  Instead the supporters are taking the case to international arenas to embarrass the United States (as if it shouldn’t be seriously ashamed already) and to deepen support domestically for his immediate release. As revolutionary anarchists, we endorse these efforts.  Moreover, we say:




 (1)   A long line of District Attorneys beginning with former governor Ed Rendell at the time of Mumia’s trial have made the case into a political football rather than a search for truth.  They have done so to show that their capitalist government is boss.  The current DA, Seth Williams, is merely the latest.

(2)   The death penalty is the ultimate weapon in the government’s criminal system to terrorize working class and oppressed people; and killing an innocent man like Mumia is a particular application of it.

(3)   The cops have lied over and over about Mumia’s case because, as a journalist, he told the truth about their lying, racism, brutality and corruption.  This is not surprising, because the cops’ bottom-line duty is to reflect the racism of a white supremacist society and enforce its laws to protect corporate property.

(4)   Far from being a remedy to the lying and political games, the courts have shown themselves to be part of the problem. This is also not surprising because the courts are also an integral part of the capitalist state.

We believe Mumia should be released immediately.   There are two reasons for this.  First, we believe the ample evidence that he is innocent.  Second, the capitalist government is the prime organizer of terrorism against working class and oppressed people—one only has to remember the bomb it dropped in 1985 on the MOVE Organization, killing 11 people and burning down an entire Philadelphia neighborhood to see this.  As such, the state has no right to judge this case.

As revolutionary class struggle anarchists we believe that in place of a state with its armies, cops, courts and prison complex to enforce its system of dog-eat-dog capitalism, people should be able to govern themselves through federations of democratic organizations—a cooperative commonwealth.  Production should be for the use of the many rather than the enrichment of the few; the environment should be a thing to be respected rather than raped;  and people should be judged by who they are rather than their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.  To get there we advocate mass direct action, such as strikes, general strikes, boycotts and blockades, to defend ourselves against the capitalists and their state.

For more information on Mumia and his case, please go to, or call the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition of New York Hotline, 212 330-8029.  The Coalition also greatly needs contributions—no amount is too small.  Please send checks made out to FMAJC/IFCO to the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, P.O. Box 16, College Sta., New York, N.Y.  10030

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