Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper

A collection of Wobblies have recently published a discussion paper which members of First of May are reading and recommend. It is a serious effort and while we may not necessarily endorse all of the authors proposals and conclusions, we fully support the process of engagement and debate. We will be posting comments in the future.

In addition, check out comments from members of the Black Orchid Collective.

Excerpt from article,

“In a nutshell, we are proposing that instead of focusing on contracts, workplace elections, or legal procedures, IWW members should strive to build networks of militants in whatever industry they are employed. These militants will then agitate amongst their co-workers and lead direct actions over specific grievances in their own workplaces. The goal of such actions will not be union recognition from a single boss. Instead, the goal of the actions is to build up leadership and consciousness amongst other workers. Once a ‘critical mass’ of workers have experience with, and an understanding of, direct action the focus will be on large scale industrial actions that address issues of wages and conditions across entire regions or even whole countries. It will be from this base of power that the IWW will establish itself as a legitimate workers’ organization.”