Wisconsin: Why a general strike hasn’t happened yet…

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First of May had been involved, and working with IWW unionists and other allies, in attempts to push forward ideas and strategies in the growing struggle against the austerity measures being imposed on the working classes and poor. The following are thoughts by our friend Juan Conatz.

We publish this link to further the needed dialogue about what it is gonna take to build a radical, independent, non-electoral social movement capable of resisting the full range of “slash and burn” strategies of the ruling classes.

From article,

An attempt to identify some factors that have prevented a general strike from breaking out in Wisconsin.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, a general strike is probably not going to happen in Wisconsin. Maybe it never was, but what is commonly identified as the high point is past and a major demobilization has happened. This high point was when the bill was jammed through and people forced themselves in the capitol. This was also the point when the crowd calls for a general strike were the loudest. In my opinion, if walkouts, occupations or strikes were to have happened in this atmosphere, it could have snowballed, at least in the public sector.

I’ve been really busy and involved in a lot of stuff or secondarily involved through conversation in other stuff, so it’s been hard to take a step back and see where we’re at, but it’s something I’m trying to do. Also, being around mostly only people that are for a general strike probably doesn’t give me the full picture. That said, I think there’s some general observations on why a general strike has not happened.”