Lansing, Michigan: Can’t Cage Our Humanity Rally in Solidarity with LGBTQ Prisoners

Dignity for Q&T Prisoners

This past Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, members of First of May Anarchist Alliance joined with dozens of others rallying from across Michigan to stand in solidarity with LGTBQ prisoners. The demo was at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Lansing, Michigan.

From the organization, Interupt,

“Some photos (thx to Alejo) from today’s “Can’t Cage Our Humanity” rally in solidarity with Michigan LGBTQ prisoners, held outside the Michiga Department of Corrections headquarters in Lansing. Some 50 folks handed out literature that included the prisoners’ demands; heard words/poems/audio from queer & trans people currently incarcerated; filled the sidewalks and street with banners; and let LGBTQ folks inside know that they aren’t alone — and continued to build on good, old and new interconnections between each other.”