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Lansing, Michigan: Can’t Cage Our Humanity Rally in Solidarity with LGBTQ Prisoners

Dignity for Q&T Prisoners

This past Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, members of First of May Anarchist Alliance joined with dozens of others rallying from across Michigan to stand in solidarity with LGTBQ prisoners. The demo was at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Lansing, Michigan.

From the organization, Interupt,

“Some photos (thx to Alejo) from today’s “Can’t Cage Our Humanity” rally in solidarity with Michigan LGBTQ prisoners, held outside the Michiga Department of Corrections headquarters in Lansing. Some 50 folks handed out literature that included the prisoners’ demands; heard words/poems/audio from queer & trans people currently incarcerated; filled the sidewalks and street with banners; and let LGBTQ folks inside know that they aren’t alone — and continued to build on good, old and new interconnections between each other.”

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End State Violence Against Black Women

By Miriam, First of May Anarchist Alliance member, Detroit

April 4, 2016/October 12, 2016

“The disconnect between what we are told we have gained and what we face every day in our actual lives lays the basis for a modern women’s movement”.

Attacks on women’s rights, attacks on immigrants and refugees, along with open permission for white supremacist expression is galvanizing the growing right wing movement. Continue Reading…

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Fighting the Far Right

by Benjamin, First of May Anarchist Alliance member, Baltimore

Sept 30, 2016

“This is the problem that we must solve.  The Democrats and their allies will tell us that defeating Trump is the answer, but it will not defeat the forces that brought us here.  We need to reject the politics of cooptation and failure, stand up and fight against the far right”.

A man walks into Latin night at a gay nightclub in Orlando during the city’s LGBT Pride weekend, murders dozens of young people, and injures dozens more.  The FBI and police cite nonexistent evidence that he is connected to ISIS, which is regurgitated by the major media corporations despite being quickly disproved.  The Republican presidential candidate promises to end all Muslim immigration despite the shooter being American-born.  In Congress, Democrats stages a “sit-in” in defense of a gun control bill that hinges on the government’s “terror lists,” which have been found to include thousands of innocent Muslim people, as well as anti-war activists, black lives matter protesters, popular musicians, and others. In cities across America, Muslims face increased harassment and violence.

Amidst all this, there are increasing calls to focus on the election, on Trump.  None of them seem to state the obvious: that the far right is winning. Continue Reading…

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A Discussion Document

by Bob D., a member of First of May Anarchist Alliance and an eviction defense activist in Detroit

The following is a discussion document drafted for both First of May Anarchist Alliance and the movements we are participants in. We welcome feedback.

Whoever Wins We Resist

“The Democrats and the Republicans are both the parties of the ruling class and the billionaires. They just have different strategies on how best to contain and oppress the working classes and poor people. The Democrats use the “smile in your face and stab you in the back” philosophy, talking about being concerned about “middle class families” and communities of color, while the Republicans don’t smile and just stab us in the back. Choose your poison.

What is different in the current election is the upsurge in struggle from Ferguson to Baltimore to Minneapolis to Milwaukee and beyond. Hundreds of thousands across the country have taken to the streets to resist the ongoing police attacks on communities of color and poor people. And the usual ruling class strategies are wearing thin.” Continue Reading…

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by Bob D., a member of First of May Anarchist Alliance and an eviction defense activist in Detroit

             Baton Rouge: For Alton Sterling and against the cops!

“We can’t reform white supremacy; we must destroy it. It is time to face this. We can fight for reforms. We can fight for justice. But we will not end the police murders of Black people and other innocent people until we end and destroy the system of white supremacy, until we end the system built on the wealth created by genocide, murder and slavery, and until we bring down the USA and the capitalist system, once and for all.”

Continue Reading…

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Detroit Event in June: IWOC, Solidarity and Prisoner Resistance

IWOC hearts and handsPDF of flier, here.

The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) is a campaign to defend our Sisters and Brothers locked up and on the inside. The campaign works to build solidarity and aid for those in prison. IWOC works with their families, communities and allies on the outside. From everyday needs to the direct support for prisoner resistance, IWOC works to build the movement against injustice!


Prisoners are on the front lines of the struggle against wage slavery and forced slave labor conditions, where refusal to work while in prison results in inhumane retaliation. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has created IWOC which functions as a liaison for prisoners to organize each other, unionize, and to build solid bridges between prisoners on the inside and fellow workers on the outside. IWOC understands the importance of organizing with prisoners so that prisoners can directly challenge prison slavery, work conditions, and the system itself.


Join Us For Discussion Of IWOC

And It’s Organizing Possibilities In Detroit

Guest speaker is former prisoner and current national organizer for IWOC


Friday June 10th, 7PM

Old St John’s Church, 2120 Russell Street, Detroit

(Russell St south of Gratiot in the Eastern Market district)


Co-sponsored by:

IWOC: – –

& First of May Anarchist Alliance: – –

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We Ain’t Scurred: State Harassment Won’t Stop Movement Against Police Brutality

Statement from our friends and comrades of the Twin Cities General Defense Committee

“The Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee (GDC) wishes to make known a recent incident of state harassment directed at our organization and allied groups, and our work against police murder and brutality in Minnesota. We encourage our friends, families, co-workers, and all those struggling against injustice to be alert to the possibility of FBI harassment and intimidation. We want those that had hoped we would be scared or slowed down to know that we are just getting started…

…We should remind ourselves, our organizations and communities, of the importance of not cooperating with police or the Feds attempting to get information. They are not on our side, they are not trying to help, even if their questions at first seem innocuous – DON’T TALK TO THE FBI, DON’T TALK TO THE COPS. Do not let them in your home. If you are questioned by the police or the Feds, refuse to answer, ask if you are being held (and if not, leave), demand a lawyer – but whatever you say – SAY NOTHING. If you ARE visited by the police, make certain you tell others, so that everyone knows they’re creeping around.” Continue Reading…

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The 4th Precinct: A Black Anarchist’s Perspective on Struggle in Minneapolis’ Northside Streets

The 4th Precinct: A Black Anarchist’s Perspective on Struggle in Minneapolis’ Northside Streets


by Ikemba Kuti

Pamphlet version here.

“As an anarchist, of African descent, I argue that we need revolutionary struggle controlled by the grassroots and not by top-down leaders. It was the domination of top-down leadership from BLM-Minneapolis, and their seemingly unconscious commitment to the system, that effectively steered Northside community militants away from 1) the encampment, 2) becoming further politicized, and 3) in playing any role in the organizing of their own communities self-determination. Their voices were effectively hushed; just as the system we function under has done for centuries to oppressed people of color.” Continue Reading…

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Resist the Attacks! Flint & Detroit Fight Back

PDF version here.

Resist the Attacks!

Flint & Detroit Fight Back

by First of May Anarchist Alliance – Detroit Collective

Feb 2, 2016

From Flint to Detroit residents, students and teachers are on the frontlines in defending themselves against attacks by the ruling classes, the politicians and their police. It is the people of Flint who have forced the politicians and media to listen and learn of the Flint water crisis. It has been Students, teachers and their allies who are resisting the breakup of public education and connecting the struggle of DPS to the ongoing crisis facing Detroit beyond the classroom.

Flint crisis

Politicians make excuses while regular people offer solutions. As the struggle moves forward we say:

1) Free, clean and safe water for Flint. There is only one solution in Flint: a new water system. The state made this mess, now they need to clean it up. We want safe water to each home and school! Dig up the contaminated pipes and replace those pipes. Whatever it takes until water infrastructure is replaced. We support the creation of mass, collective resistance and the refusal to pay water and utility bills. This also means refunding peoples water payments. No payments for poison.

2) Money and resources for physical and mental health services must be made available to those poisoned by the state, especially children.  Instead of paying PR firms, the state should be putting money towards clinics and health initiatives focused on minimizing the effects of poisoning your own people.

3) Down with the Emergency Manager (EM). We must work to undermine the authority and control of the racist and anti-working class EM and the system it serves. We argue for self-organization of the people at the local level, mass organizations for defense of our communities.  These new and independent organizations of the people are the alternative to the government at all levels.

4) We oppose privatization and militarization of the distribution of water and resources. All distribution of water and resources must be under popular control at the local level by democratic institutions. The people of Flint must decide on the immediate response! We oppose corporations making profit off of this crisis and we oppose the National Guard, army or police being placed in charge of distribution of water and resources.

5) Hands off students and teachers of the Detroit Public Schools. Support the students who have organized walkouts in solidarity with their teachers. This means no suspensions or punitive actions! Defend all teachers facing harassment, intimidation and threat of firing or legal action! An injury to one is an injury to all!

dps Continue Reading…

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New Edition of Our Broadsheet, Anarchist Revolution/Revolución Anarquista

An Rev

We’ve gone forward with republishing our agitaional broadsheet. Now renamed, Anarchist Revolution/Revolución Anarquista. The broadsheet reflects the issues, organizing and struggles we and the movements we are a part of are engaged in. The Jan/Feb issue has short articles on struggles in Minneapolis, Detroit & Chicago.

PDF versions are available through this site:

Anarchist Revolution

Revolución Anarquista

For printed copies please contact us:

M1 Broadsheet


C. Alexander

P.O.Box 15455

Detroit, MI 48215

Send donation or stamp.

An Rev Esp

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